EGYPlasma hosts the 1st High Energy Physics Course organized by SPS Assuit
EGYPlasmaTalks Lunch Event on 30th June 2022
Memorial speech of the Late Professor Sayed Elwakil in the 7th EGYPlasma School
Application for the 3rd Plasma Basics Course is Open
Prof Fayze El Hosary Awarded the Pioneer Award in Basic Science from ASRT
7th EGYPlasma School had 60 students from 14 Arab universities
Dr Mahmoud Afifi has won Prof Tomader El Khalafawy 2021 Prize in Plasma
Profs Moslem and Sabry Appointed as Editors of Physica Scripts
Dr Shaaban Mohamed has contributed by two chapters in Kappa Distribution book
FusionEPTalks is launched in cooperation with FusionEP MSc program

Egyptian Plasma Society (EGYPlasma) is an online-based platform that introduces the plasma research in Egyptian institutions, offers plasma education, and give online tutorials on the tools of the technical/scientific writing and numerical/programming. Even though EGYPlasma hasn’t registered yet –as a society, it jointly powers several activities (e.g., Spring Plasma School at Port Said, Summer Basics Plasma Course, and FusionEPTalks). Nevertheless, EGYPlasma coordinators are working to register it under the umbrella of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt.

الجزأ الثاني لتعلم عمل البرزنتشن باللاتك (LaTex) ــ سجل الان

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CORE organizes an online webinar entitled Solar Cells: Cutting Edge of New Technologies on 28.06.2020.

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الدكتور إبراهيم القماش - دراسة حول شروط انهيار الموجات الغير خطية بدورية Scientific Reports التابعة لدار النشر العريقة Nature.

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ترقية د. إبراهيم بحيري في جامعة دمياط لدرجة أستاذ مساعد فيزياء البلازما النظرية.

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