5th Spring Plasma School 2020

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Overview Spring Plasma School is an annual event sponsored by the Center of Theoretical Physics at the British University in Egypt. It targets BSc and MSc students who are interested in Plasma Physics and its applications. Three days of lectures in the basics of plasma theory, numerics, experiments, and applications. Lecturers of the school come from different areas of research, such as stellar plasma, laser plasma, nuclear fusion, and geothermal energy with international recognition. It is an excellent opportunity for students of physics and nuclear engineering who are expected to graduate in July 2020 and 2021. Students and lectures accommodate the same resort that means open scientific discussions, knowledge transfer, and networking creation at an early stage before graduation. Out of class, students can enjoy social games with others or go hiking in Port Said. Each year 25 students will receive a grant to cover their accommodation and meals for the five days. One day conference: The last day of the school, MSc, Ph.D., and Postdocs can present their work for 20 mins + 10 mins questions. Professors and Ph.D. candidates have the option to attend the conference on the last day.


  1. Introduction to plasma physics.
  2. Plasma in Nuclear Fusion.
  3. Plasma in astrophysics.
  4. Laser-Plasma Interactions.
  5. Plasma formation and diagnoses in lab.
  6. Plasma in drilling for geothermal energy.


  • Prof. Dr. Waleed Moslem - British University in Egypt and Port Said University.
  • Prof. Dr. Amr El-Zant - British University in Egypt.
  • Prof. Dr. Walid Tawfik - NILES, Cairo University.
  • A. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shihab, Tanta University.
  • Dr. Kamal Hagag, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority.
  • Dr. Ibraheem Elkamash, Masnoura University.
  • MSc. Mahmoud Afify, Benha University.
  • MSc. Mohamed Ezzat, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland and Mansoura University.


  • Physics students in 3rd or 4th level.
  • Nuclear Engineering students in 3rd, 4th or 5th level.
  • MSc and PhD student in Plasma Physics or any discipline related to plasma.
  • Plasma school alumni can attend, but as a self-fund.


  1. Create an account on the registeration portal. (Here)
  2. Login.
  3. Complete your personal data.
  4. Upload the following documents.
    • Motivation letter.
    • Transcript (online transcript is ok and not necesssary to be a hard copy).
    • University card.
    • Recommendation letter (in English).
  5. Submit your application.


To increase the contact and interaction time between students and the lecturers, the lectures hall and the accommodation are in the same wonderful place EL-Fayroz Resort at Port-Said.
  1. Four nights’ accommodation in shared couple rooms and meals will be covered by us for 25-30 selected students.
  2. Self-fund students can find accommodation by themselves or contact us for reservation in the Resort.
  3. 01.03.2020 check-in available after 10:00 am.
  4. Laser-Plasma Interactions.
  5. 05.03.2020 check out before 12:00 am.
  6. WIFI is available for 10 L.E from the resort but not recommended, try to rely on your data package.

Fees and Scholarships

BSc, MSc and PhD students:
Egyptian (with scholarship) Egyptian (without scholarship) Non-Egyptian
400 EGP 1600 EGP 200 USD

  1. Egyptian with scholarship: 25-30 students out of 50 receives scholarships each year that covers the accommodation and meals.
  2. Egyptian without scholarship: The fees will cover accommodation and meals, but you have an option to pay only 400 EGP, instead of 1600, that covers the registeration andmeals. In this case you have to find your accommodation by yourself.
  3. Registration fees for non-Egyptians: 200$ for non-Egyptians participants have to pay it, which does not include accommodation and meals.
  4. Laser-Plasma Interactions.
  5. 05.03.2020 check out before 12:00 am.
  6. WIFI is available for 10 L.E from the resort but not recommended, try to rely on your data package.
Researcher Postdoc and Professors:
  1. Attend all the school days: 1600 L.E that cover accommodation and meals.
  2. Attend only the last day: 200 that cover registeration fees and meals.